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Bhutan Organic Shop sources organic products from across Bhutan and makes these available to online customers around the world.

 Our work is a collaborative venture between market-driven Bhutanese farmers and Pure  Land Bhutan. Our shop aims to provide safe, nutritious, and high-quality organic food and non-food products to a wide variety of customers. Through the exceptional simplicity, purity, and originality of our products we hope to promote organic Bhutanese materials all over the world.

As a country, the Kingdom of Bhutan stands virtually unrivalled in its commitment to the preservation and conservation of natural national resources.

Bhutan’s land-mass is covered by natural forests and it holds the accolade of being the world’s only carbon-negative country. 

Bhutanese citizens enjoy fresh air, natural spring water, and pristine forests rich with medicinal flowers and herbs. Bhutan’s abundant flora and fauna span a range of unique biomes with some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth.

Bhutan’s spiritual traditions encourage living in harmony with nature and Bhutanese who take this injunction seriously are able to make use of a vast array of wild and cultivated foods and natural materials in a sustainable way. Many farmers in Bhutan continue to avoid the use of industrial pesticides and chemical fertilizers, making their products more legitimately ‘organic’ than even some officially certified organic producers in other parts of the world.

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Bhutan Organic Shop sources organic products from across Bhutan and makes these available […]

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