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Thousands of local Herbs

Thousands of local herbs, Bhutan’s landmass spans from 250 to almost 7000 meters above sea level, it is known as the land of Medicines, we are also selling or offering.


Bhutanese citizens enjoy fresh air, natural spring water, and pristine forests rich with medicinal flowers and herbs. Bhutan’s abundant flora and fauna span a range of unique biomes with some of the greatest biodiversity on Earth.

Herbal Nectar Bath Therapy

This formulation is regarded to invoke the pristine qualities of Himalayan hot springs and to transform ordinary bath water into a healing nectar.


In Sowa Rigpa tradition, this is the premier formula for external use and is renown for its qualities to support healthy energy channels,circulation, joint, muscle, and skin functions.

These bath nectar herbs are all 100% organic, sustainably wild collected from the mountains and primary Himalayan forests of Bhutan.

Easy to Use.The herbs can be brewed into bath water that can be used for soaking the whole body or effected areas.They can be used in herbal steam therapy or applied locally as a compress.

5 Nectars 

Herbal nectar bath therapy originated in the Tibetan high plateau and then spread to the southern Himalayan areas of Bhutan centuries ago. In Sowa Rigpa, the Tibetan Science of Healing,  medicinal spring waters are praised for their qualities to heal, rejuvenate and enliven the body.

100% organic

Bhutan Organic Shop sources organic products from across Bhutan and makes these available to online customers around the world.

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