organic foods

we are what we eat,

All our Bhutanese food products are organically grown and made in Bhutan. Bhutanese farmers have grown different varieties of organic food for centuries. Many Bhutanese foods are made from “Dru-na Gu” (the 9 types of cereal or grain). These nine types of indigenous grain have served as indispensable foods for Bhutanese people for generations. Our food products are carefully handpicked from produce grown by local farmers, and are processed with care to form the exclusive products available on our site.

Red Bhutan Rice

Various kinds of rice are grown in paddies all over Bhutan, making rice one of the primary subsistence crops in the country.

Bhutanese red rice is one of the dru na gu, ‘the nine types of grain’ or traditional staples of Bhutanese people


it is known as a convenience food and often used by the Sherpas, nomads and other travellers.

is a Tibetan and Himalayan staple foodstuff, particularly prominent in the central part of the region.