for a balanced diet and radiant health

Our organic supplements provide essential support for a balanced diet and radiant health. Our range of supplements are free from chemical and synthetic additives and incorporate extracts and minerals sourced sustainably from Bhutan’s pristine landscape.

One of Sowa Rigpa’s powerful ‘rotsa’ aphrodisiac medicines. This formula stimulates sexual energy and is quite warming in potency.


Joy Pill

This formula is made from shilajit mineral pitch from the high Himalayas. Traditionally, it is often used in hot bile and blood disturbances in the stomach, and hot natured diarrhea. It helps to detoxifiy and rejuvenate people with strong tripa or bile.


Shilajit 9

This gentle formula relaxes the mind and soothes the loong wind energy in the heart. It can be beneficial for mental stress, upset emotions, and difficulty sleeping.


Happy Mind

This is one of the primary heart formulas used in Sowa Rigpa. It is mildly warm in potency, calming the loong wind energy in the heart, and promoting healing in the chest area. Agarwood, the principal ingredient, is sustainably cultivated in the pristine forests of Bhutan. 


Agarwood 8

One of the most important formulas used to prevent and clear mild fevers and colds, and to strengthen the immune system


Seven Jewels Tea

An important ‘chulen’ rejuvenation formula, Sedru Nyikyil increases digestive fire, warms the kidney, lower back, and reproductive organs. It is traditionally used in various types of disorders related to internal weakness and cold in the lower body.


Pomegranate Sun Mandala